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Bar Prestige Pods

Roast: Medium

Cellini Bar Prestige is a blend of fine 100% Arabica coffees. The medium roasting process releases the full aroma and delicate flavour of a medium-strong coffee, typical of the Central American varieties. The result is a balanced flavour, characterised by a fine, pleasant and rounded acidity, enhanced by the delicious fruity notes and hints of toast, offering connoisseurs a moment of pure flavour. Pack of 18 pods.


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Fine acidity and balanced



Each Cellini Espresso pod is packaged in a protective atmosphere. The aroma and freshness of this product are therefore maintained for a very long time. The professional roasting and perfect grinding make Cellini Espresso the ideal product for use with a home espresso machine designed to be used with pods. A perfect espresso at home just like at the bar. FSC certified pack; TUV, CIC certified pods; compostable single-portion wrapper. TUV certified as a guarantee on the quality standards of our products.


A roasted ground coffee blend packaged in a protective atmosphere

Aromatic Notes


Produced By

Produced and packaged in Italy by EKAF S.p.A. Lungotorrente Secca 3r
16163 Genoa


Origin of the coffee: non-EU

Countries of origin

Origin of the coffee: non-EU


Pack of 18 pods  packaged in a protective atmosphere

Nutritional table and mean values

not available

Information for storage

Pack of 18 pods  packaged in a protective atmosphere

Certificazione FSC

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