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Bar Gran Aroma Pods

Roast: Medium

Cellini Bar Gran Aroma is a blend of the finest Arabica coffees, to which a small quantity of the best washed Robusta coffees is added. The slow roasting process typical of every Cellini Espresso coffee results in a very strong coffee with a full-bodied and balanced flavour, with aromatic notes of bitter cocoa and spices. Pack of 18 pods.


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Full-bodied and balanced



Each Cellini Bar Gran Aroma pod is packaged in a protective atmosphere. This protects the aroma and freshness of the ingredients, maintaining their characteristics and properties unaltered for a long time. The traditional professional roasting and grinding processes make Cellini Espresso coffee the ideal product for use with home espresso machines designed to be used with pods. FSC certified pack; TUV, CIC certified pods, as a guarantee on the quality standards of our products. Enjoy a perfect espresso coffee at any time of the day, at home just like at the bar.


A roasted ground coffee blend packaged in a protective atmosphere

Aromatic Notes

 Bitter cocoa, spices

Produced By

Produced and packaged in Italy by EKAF S.p.A. Lungotorrente Secca 3r 16163 Genoa


Origin of the coffee: non-EU

Countries of origin

Origin of the coffee: non-EU


Pack of 18 pods  packaged in a protective atmosphere

Nutritional table and mean values

not available

Information for storage

Pack of 18 pods  packaged in a protective atmosphere

Certificazione FSC

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