Intensity 7

100% Arabica Prestige

Roast: Medium

Ground coffee for Moka coffee makers and home espresso machines. A 100% Arabica blend from Central and South America, characterised by medium roasting and strength, a well-balanced aroma and delicate acidity. Offers the palate aromatic and fruity notes of cereal and toast. Available in a 250g pack


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Fine acidity and balanced



A fine blend of Arabica coffees from Central and South America. The pure pleasure of an espresso coffee for anyone who prefers an exquisite and delicately flavoured coffee, thanks to the traditional slow roasting process that guarantees even roasting of all the beans and a coffee with a particularly well-balanced flavour.


A roasted ground coffee blend, vacuum packaged

Aromatic Notes

cereal, toast

Produced By

Produced and packaged in Italy by EKAF S.p.A. Lungotorrente Secca 3r
16163 Genoa


Origin of the coffee: non-EU

Countries of origin

Origin of the coffee: non-EU


Vacuum packaged 250g bag

Nutritional table and mean values


Information for storage

Store away from heat and light.

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