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Intensity 9


Roast: Medium Dark

A 100% Arabica coffee blend, in which the delicate taste of the Central American Arabica coffees combines with the slightly acidic Colombian coffee to release the harmonious flavour on the palate, with pleasant hints of cocoa.

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Fine acidity and balanced


Medium Dark


Central America

A roasted ground coffee blend in capsules packaged in a protective atmosphere. The medium-dark roasting gives a high strength for a balanced flavour, a delicate acidity and aromatic notes of bitter cocoa. Available in a pack of 10 and 30 capsules in recyclable aluminium.


A roasted ground coffee blend, packaged in a protective atmosphere

Aromatic Notes

Bitter cocoa, Nuts

Produced By

Produced and packaged in Italy by EKAF S.p.A. Lungotorrente Secca 3r
16163 Genoa


Origin of the coffee: non-EU

Countries of origin

Origin of the coffee: non-EU


Box of:
10 capsules – total net weight 55 g e
30 capsules – total net weight 165 g e

Nutritional table and mean values


Information for storage

Store away from heat and light.

Certificazione FSC

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