Our Philosophy

Cellini, a coffee without compromise.

Our coffee is the result of many steps, performed with care and attention, from meticulous selection of the coffees to the traditional “slow” roasting technique that extracts the very best aroma from every bean.

This is followed by grinding, depending on the format, a highly delicate phase that requires a precise and technological control system.

The coffee then rests, for the right amount of time, before being packaged and sent to the bars of coffee professionals and the homes of lovers of good coffee.


Our experience is based on four generations of coffee roasters.

It is a heritage we want to share with everyone who, like us, is b, passing on our knowledge and focusing on its unique role in the spread of espresso coffee in Italy and the world. This is why over 10,000 baristas serve Cellini coffee in their bars every day.

Cellini Coffee School

Our experience and enthusiasm for coffee has led to creation of the Caffè Cellini School: an encounter between baristas or simple enthusiasts and the world which revolves around a cup of coffee.