Our History


The first stone is laid

The Pieri family opens the “Columbiacoffee roasting firm in Livorno, the second in the city. Although it is still a small family business, the company immediately begins working with the aim of offering a high-quality coffee and, in the space of just a few years, Columbia becomes one of Tuscany’s most popular roasters.



The business continues to grow and opens a new factory in Livorno, marking the transition from a classic coffee roasting firm, operating in a workshop and warehouse, to a major and modern industrial concern.

The company philosophy takes shape: combine the best aspects of traditional roasting with a certified and technological production process.


A major turning-point

The company expands with acquisition of one of Liguria’s major coffee roasting companies, Ekaf in Genoa, with the Eureka brand (created by the “coffee genius” Ugo Meraldi) and Filicori, opened in Bologna in 1883.

Ekaf is a well-organised, efficient and professional enterprise and offers a further boost to the know-how already present, with the focus on seeking excellence. 


Birth of the brand

The three historical brands, “Columbia”, “Filicori” and “Ekaf”, leaders in the bar sector in Italy, combine to create a new brand called “Cellini”, with the aim of sharing the values on which the activity is based and becoming a representative of the company’s production philosophy.

In a short space of time, Cellini crosses the national borders and brings the experience of a genuine Italian espresso coffee to bars across Europe.


New company needs

By the 2000s, Cellini is a symbol of quality coffee and competes with Italy’s most internationally recognised brands.

A new plant opens in 2005, equipped with state-of-the-art coffee processing technologies: highly innovative Italian machines continue to maintain the tradition of slow roasting and to bring the unique Cellini coffee to the world.

Present Day

A coffee without compromises

Cellini is currently a dynamic company that is always ready to face new challenges, with the aim of offering its consumers high-quality products and unique taste experiences.

Ready to bring a coffee without compromise to every cup, at any time.